The top 10 XL American Bully bloodlines in 2023

Top 10 XL American Bully bloodlines in 2023

As American Bully enthusiasts, we know that there’s a lot more to these dogs than meets the eye. One of the most important aspects to consider when choosing the right dog for you is understanding the different bloodlines within the breed and choosing a reputable breeder.

A. Definition of XL American Bully bloodlines

What is an XL American Bully?

The XL American Bully is a variation within the American Bully breed that is specifically bred for its larger size and more muscular build. These dogs typically stand between 20-24 inches at the withers for males and 19-23 inches for females, with a weight range of 100-150 pounds for males and 80-120 pounds for females. Despite their formidable appearance, XL American Bullies are known for their gentle and loving nature, making them excellent family pets and loyal companions.

What are XL American Bully Bloodlines?

Bloodlines, or genetic lineages, have a significant impact on the traits, temperament, and appearance of each dog. XL Bully bloodlines refer to those lineages that consistently produce larger, more muscular dogs within the American Bully breed. These lineages are carefully developed and maintained by breeders to ensure the desirable traits associated withthe XL American Bully, such as size, structure, and temperament, are passed down through generations.

B. Importance of understanding XL Bully bloodlines in choosing the right dog for you

Understanding the different XL Bully bloodlines is crucial for several reasons. First, it helps potential owners identify the specific traits they desire in their future pet, such as size, color, or temperament. Second, it allows them to select a reputable breeder who specializes in the desired bloodline, ensuring the dog’s health, quality, and pedigree. Finally, knowing the history and characteristics of a particular bloodline can give owners a better idea of what to expect in terms of their new pet’s personality, exercise needs, and potential health issues.

C. Overview of the top 10 XL Bully Bloodlines in 2023

In this article, we’ll be discussing 10 notable XL American Bully breeders specialised on the XL Bully bloodlines that have caught our attention in 2023. We’d like to clarify that our selection is based on our own research, which includes examining EBKC champions and ABKC show results, as well as delving into the background of various kennels. While we strive to provide accurate and informative content, we acknowledge that we don’t have the resources to evaluate every reputable bloodline worldwide. Consequently, we apologize to those who may have been left out of our list. We encourage our readers to share their knowledge of other reputable XL American Bully bloodlines in the comments section below, as we believe that an open exchange of information can benefit the entire community.

In the following sections, we’ll be focusing on the top 10 XL Bully bloodlines in 2023 that have caught our attention, offering insights into each bloodline’s characteristics, popularity, and demand. By familiarizing yourself with these top bloodlines, you’ll be better prepared to make an informed decision about the right XL American Bully for you and your family. We’ll delve into the physical and temperament characteristics that set them apart, as well as the popularity and demand for each bloodline.

As we move forward, remember that each bloodline has its unique qualities, and no single bloodline is objectively better than another. The best bloodline for you will depend on your individual preferences, lifestyle, and the specific traits you desire in an XL American Bully.

Now, let’s dive in and explore 10 XL Bully bloodlines in 2023, which will give you valuable information to make the right choice for your family and your future pet.

D. Outstanding American Bully XL Bloodlines based in USA

1. Monster Bully Kennels
Monster Bully Kennels is an XL American Bully dog breeder who produces a reputable XL American Bully bloodline
Description of the bloodline

Monster Bully Kennels (MBK) is a renowned breeder specializing in XL American Bully dogs, known for their exceptional size, strength, and calm demeanor. The kennel has been featured in various publications and has sold dogs to celebrities, athletes, and other high-profile clientele. With an emphasis on health, temperament, and structure, MBK has spent years perfecting their pedigree and offers an extensive range of high-quality dogs.

Physical and temperament characteristics

Monster Bully Kennels’ XL American Bullies are bred to be confident, social, and protective, with a strong eagerness to please their families. They are known for their muscular structure, large head size, and unique color patterns. The bloodline includes dogs like King Louii, an impressive 24″ tall at the withers with a massive bone and muscle structure, and Morpheus, a sought-after tri merle XL American Bully with a flawless exterior and perfect temperament. MBK’s dogs are well-socialized, friendly with other animals and children, and display no aggressive tendencies.

Popularity and demand for this bloodline

Monster Bully Kennels has garnered immense popularity and demand for their XL American Bullies due to their meticulous breeding process, high-quality dogs, and exceptional customer service. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, MBK has built a reputation for trustworthiness and excellence in the world of XL American Bully bloodlines. The kennel has expanded to five locations throughout the USA to accommodate the high demand for their dogs. They have a long list of clients, including movie stars and professional athletes, further solidifying their status as a premier breeder in the XL American Bully community.

2. Bossy Kennels
Bossy Kennels XL American Bully dog breeder is a produces a reputable XL American Bully bloodline
Description of the bloodline

Bossy Kennels, a renowned name in the American Bully world, has been dedicated to improving the breed’s health and temperament for over 15 years. With a strong focus on Orthopedic Health testing, particularly on hips, elbows, and patellas, Bossy Kennels has the largest number of OFA-finalized dogs for the American Bully breed. Their purpose is to create the healthiest American Bullies while maintaining exceptional temperaments. Bossy Kennels takes pride in being a breeder of high-quality American Bullies with famous and worldwide bloodlines.

Physical and temperament characteristics

Bossy Kennels is known for producing XL American Bullies that boast big bone, big head, and lots of muscle, with some dogs weighing over 100 pounds. These Bullies have a unique structure, ranging from short, tall, and medium-sized dogs with a focus on producing extreme, wide, and muscular Bullies. The bloodline includes famous dogs like Victoria Secret, a stunning purple tri/champagne tri American Bully, admired for her beauty and widely shared across social media platforms.

In addition to their impressive physical attributes, Bossy Kennels’ American Bullies are cherished for their exceptional temperaments. The kennel’s dedication to continuously improving the breed’s temperament has resulted in dogs that are well-loved and treasured in households worldwide.

Popularity and demand for this bloodline

Bossy Kennels’ commitment to ethical breeding practices, superior customer service, and producing the best American Bullies has earned them a reputation that spans the globe. They have become a household name in the American Bully industry, with their dogs sought after by celebrities and sports personalities alike. NBA stars like John Wall and Tony Wroten, as well as hip-hop legend Warren G, have all been proud owners of Bossy Kennels’ American Bullies.

The demand for this bloodline continues to grow, with enthusiasts inquiring about puppies from famous dogs like Victoria Secret. As one of the few kennels with a physical and full-time office, Bossy Kennels has multiple facilities in different locations, such as Arizona, Michigan, Inland Empire, San Diego, Kentucky, and Hawaii, making it accessible to a broad clientele.

3. Gatorhead Bullies
Gatorhead bullies is an XL American Bully dog breeder who produces a reputable XL American Bully bloodline
Description of the bloodline

Gatorhead Bullies is a reputable breeder specializing in XL and XXL American Bullies, with all their dogs registered under UKC or ABKC. This breeding program focuses on producing unique combinations of blue tri, ghost tri, and even rare champagne colors in various patterns. In addition to XL and XXL American Bullies, Gator Head Bullies also breeds French Bulldogs and Dachshunds.

Physical and temperament characteristics

Gator Head Bullies strives to breed a superior line of energetic and athletic XL and XXL American Bullies. These dogs are known for their tremendous athletic ability, protective instincts, and outstanding willingness to please. The bully puppies are raised in the breeder’s home, surrounded by young children who help take care of them. As a result, the XL Bully puppies get plenty of exercise and social interaction, leading to excellent temperament and making them very social and friendly.

Popularity and demand for this bloodline

Gator Head Bullies has gained popularity for its commitment to quality, as they only breed and sell top-quality XL American Bullies. They undergo random inspections from the USDA, ensuring high standards are maintained. Furthermore, they have a vet tech on staff to answer any questions that customers may have.

The kennel’s puppies are raised around children, ensuring that they are well-socialized, fearless, and playful. Their dogs’ luxury lifestyle and the company’s dedication to donating to local shelters demonstrate their commitment to animal welfare and responsible breeding practices.

4. Carolina Bullies
Carolina bullies is an XL American Bully dog breeder who produces a reputable XL American Bully bloodline
Description of the bloodline

Carolina Bullies is a well-established kennel located in the heart of North Carolina with over a decade of experience breeding XL and XXL American Bully dogs. Recognized for creating exceptional productions for some of the biggest kennels worldwide, Carolina Bullies is committed to producing the world’s finest XL/XXL bully pitbulls. Their dogs are registered with the United Kennel Club (UKC) and can also be registered with the American Bully Kennel Club (ABKC).

Physical and temperament characteristics

Carolina Bullies takes pride in breeding XL/XXL American Bullies that exhibit loyalty, a calm temperament, and impressive size and structure. They ensure that each of their puppies is bred to be social, calm, and playful with children, making them the ideal family dogs. With a wide variety of available colors, including Lilac Tri, Chocolate Tri, Blue Tri, Ghost Tri, Reverse Tri, Lilac, Merle, Blue, Fawn, and more, Carolina Bullies aims to achieve perfection in temperament, structure, color, and size in every puppy they produce.

Popularity and demand for this bloodline

Known for producing some of the highest quality XL Bullies in the world, Carolina Bullies has garnered a strong reputation in the American Bully community. When customers seek the best temperament, structure, and color, they know Carolina Bullies is the place to go. The kennel has spent over 15 years perfecting their bloodline, and their commitment to maintaining lifelong relationships with their clients ensures that their puppies continue to be in high demand. With a mission to provide clients with their dream dog and raise well-mannered XL American Bullies, Carolina Bullies continues to be a popular choice for those seeking top-quality XL and XXL American Bully bloodlines.

5. Topdog Bullies
Topdog bullies is an XL American Bully dog breeder who produces a reputable XL American Bully bloodline
Description of the bloodline

Topdog Bullies is a renowned XL and XXL American Bully (Pitbull) kennel with over 40 years of experience in breeding show-quality topline bloodlines. They have specialized in XL American Bullies (XXL Pitbulls) for over 16 years and are committed to producing the best dogs in the industry with impeccable structure, stable temperaments, and sound minds. Their world-renowned bloodline focuses on creating lifelong family members with striking looks, embodying only the best of the XL and XXL American Bully Pitbull lineage.

Physical and temperament characteristics

Topdog Bullies breeds XL and XXL American Bully Pitbulls that are massive, muscular, and sturdy, making them perfect family dogs. They are known for their calm temperament and loyalty, as well as their versatility to adapt to both urban and rural living. Topdog Bullies produces a wide variety of colors, including standard colors like chocolate, isabella, piebald, fawn, white, blue, black, ticked, champagne, blue fawn, brindle, and chocolate fawn, as well as tri colors such as chocolate tri, merle tri, lilac tri, blue tri, black tri, champagne tri, ghost tri, trindle (tri brindle), and piebald tri.

Popularity and demand for this bloodline

Topdog Bullies has gained significant popularity as the number one XXL Pitbull breeder and kennel website in the United States. Their world-wide bloodlines and extreme XL American Bully make them highly sought after by enthusiasts and breeders alike. The kennel’s main goal is to produce big, extreme bully-style Pitbulls and American Bullies with muscle on top of muscle, aiming for over 100-pound dogs with impressive bone, head, and muscle mass. Their commitment to producing well-socialized puppies and maintaining a state-of-the-art facility has solidified their status as a top choice for those seeking the finest XL and XXL American Bully bloodlines in 2023.

6. The Incredibullz
The Incredibullz is an XL American Bully dog breeder who produces a reputable XL American Bully bloodline
Description of the bloodline

The Incredibullz is a private, home-based XL American Bully kennel committed to producing the world’s premier UKC and ABKC American Bully athletes. With home bases in Dallas, Las Vegas, and Europe, their breeding network stretches worldwide. The Incredibullz aims to produce the best show, family, and performance dogs in the nation while ensuring all puppies are socialized in-home from birth, laying the foundation for a lifetime of behavioral and physical well-being.

Physical and temperament characteristics

The Incredibullz specializes in XL tri-color American Bullies, consistently producing colors such as blue tri, black tri, lilac tri, chocolate tri, sable, red, white, and ticked. Their dogs possess extraordinary athletic abilities, great looks, and stable temperaments, making them ideal guard dogs and family pets. They are committed to producing dogs with great health and temperament to ensure lifelong family members.

Popularity and demand for this bloodline

The Incredibullz has gained popularity for its tri-color XL American Bullies, which are both visually striking and known for their excellent temperaments. Their dedication to health and temperament has made them a popular choice for those seeking a guard dog or family pet. Their puppies are priced based on the breeding, potential of the individual puppy, and the type of home and contract options, with prices starting at $3,500.

Famous dogs from The Incredibullz bloodline include Harry, a UKC Champion working towards his Grand Champion title, and Batman, a black trindle on his way to becoming an ABKC Champion. Their popularity and demand can be attributed to the selective breeding process, ensuring each new generation of dogs is better than the one before it, without ever sacrificing health, structure, and athleticism.

E. Outstanding American Bully XL Bloodlines based in Europe

1. The Mosae Bully Kennel
The Mosae Bully Kennel is an XL American Bully dog breeder who produces a reputable XL American Bully bloodline
Description of the bloodline

The Mosae Bully Kennel is a small family-owned kennel based in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. They specialize in breeding healthy, functional, and correct XL American Bullies with a great temperament. Mosae Bully Kennel has a passion for showing their dogs in ABKC and EBKC confirmation shows and producing top-quality champions.

Physical and temperament characteristics

Mosae Bully Kennel’s XL American Bullies have great conformation, built, and movement. They are health tested through Embark for over 170 hereditary diseases and X-rayed on hips and elbows to better the breed and ensure they produce healthy puppies. The kennel also places a strong emphasis on proper nutrition, providing their dogs with the highest quality raw food, herbs, fruits, and veggies. American Bullies are known for being loyal, loving, and great with children. They are also eager to please and easy to train.

Popularity and demand for this bloodline

The Mosae Bully Kennel has gained popularity and recognition for their exceptional show dogs and breeding program. Their dogs have won numerous “Best XL” and “Best XL Female” awards at ABKC and EBKC shows across Europe. They have also gained a following among those who value health-tested and top-quality XL American Bullies. As a result, demand for Mosae Bully Kennel’s puppies is high, and interested buyers are encouraged to contact them to inquire about their breeding and puppy policies.

2. Big Dutch Bully Kennel
The Big Dutch Bully Kennel is an XL American Bully dog breeder who produces a reputable XL American Bully bloodline
Description of the bloodline

Big Dutch Bully Kennel (BDBK) is a family-owned kennel that breeds American Bully XLs with an emphasis on health, temperament, and conformation. Their dogs have an ABKC pedigree and undergo full health testing through Embark, ED, HD, and other tests. The kennel focuses on producing dogs that are as close as possible to the breeding standard of the American Bully XL. BDBK aims to become the most ABKC-titled breeder in the world, with only health-tested champions.

Physical and temperament characteristics

BDBK breeds XL Bullies with a muscular build, medium to large height, and a sweet and loving temperament. All of their dogs are raised around kids and other dogs, and they are kept inside their home. BDBK takes their dogs to various activities to ensure that they receive enough exercise and socialization. They ship their puppies worldwide, and potential buyers can follow them on Instagram to get a full impression of their program.

Popularity and demand for this bloodline

As a relatively new kennel, BDBK may not be as well-known as some of the other bloodlines on this list. However, they have a growing reputation for producing healthy, well-tempered, and well-structured XL Bullies. Their dedication to health testing and breeding for temperament and conformation is a significant selling point for potential buyers. BDBK ships their puppies worldwide, indicating that they have a demand beyond their local region. Overall, BDBK’s focus on health, temperament, and conformation may make them an attractive option for those looking for a quality American Bully XL breeder.

3. XXL Luxor Bullys
XXL LUXOR Bullys is an XL American Bully dog breeder who produces a reputable XL American Bully bloodline
Description of the bloodline

XXL LUXOR Bullys is a professional kennel that specializes in breeding high-quality and healthy XXL American Bullys. Founded in Germany in 2015, XXL LUXOR Bullys is now one of the top breeders in Europe. They have built their paradise on the beautiful island of Mallorca, where their dogs grow up surrounded by nature under the palms and by the sea. All of their Bullys have ABKC papers and come from some of the best breedings in the world, such as DDK9 BGK or Manmade Kennels. They breed XXL Bullys with a perfect athletic physique, strong back, broad chest, and balanced character.

Physical and temperament characteristics

The XXL American Bullys from XXL LUXOR Bullys are known for their size, width, extraordinary muscles, and top health evaluations. They are calmer than the original Pitbull and make great family pets. Their dogs are OFA tested, and therefore HD and ED free, and have first-class bloodlines from the most famous breeders in the world, including DDK9 – Manmade Kennels to BGK. Their XXL Bullys are family-oriented, and their puppies socialize with other American Bullys at an early age, guaranteeing unique and individual developments and shaping the later characters of the dogs.

Popularity and demand for this bloodline

XXL LUXOR Bullys have a worldwide clientele, and transport is not a problem for them. Their puppies have been transported to various countries, including Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Finland, Bulgaria, Belgium, Slovenia, Sweden, Thailand, England, and the USA. They also provide stud services, and their stud dogs are available outside of their kennel. XXL LUXOR Bullys have invested all their time and effort into breeding the highest quality and healthiest puppies. Their breeding program is a responsible task, and they take their time carefully preparing for each pairing, taking into consideration which pairing goes best together, both visually and in terms of character.

4. Purple Line Kennel
Purple Line Kennel is an XL American Bully dog breeder who produces a reputable XL American Bully bloodline
Description of the bloodline

Purple Line Kennel is a family-run canine farm located in Brécy, France. Frédéric and Sabrina, a couple with two children, founded the kennel in 2017, after following the evolution of American Bully XL in France and internationally since their first American Bully XL in January 2012. They have a precision selection process for their breeding program and prioritize the health, size, structure, character, and color of their dogs.

Physical and temperament characteristics

Purple Line Kennel selects dogs with good structure, studying the lineage, pedigree, and colors. They also prioritize healthy family dogs with good temperaments. The kennel ensures the protection of breeders and puppies and complies with legal rules of reproduction. The kennel is dedicated to the American Bully XL, and they have certification from the American Bully Kennel Club (ABKC), which is the official world registry of the American Bully. Purple Line Kennel’s breeding program produces sociable and purebred American Bully XL dogs with a good quality of life, health tested for dysplasia, cerebellar ataxia, heart echo, and other health conditions.

Popularity and demand for this bloodline

As a family-run kennel dedicated to breeding sociable and purebred American Bully XL dogs, Purple Line Kennel is popular with those looking for healthy family pets with good temperaments. They prioritize finding good families for their puppies and follow up on them after adoption. Their dogs are registered mainly in the AKC and FBKC registers, and all their puppies have ABKC provisional certificates for adoption. As a relatively new kennel, Purple Line Kennel is still growing in popularity and demand for their bloodline. However, their dedication to health testing and precision selection shows promise for the future.

5. Lion Pride Bully
Lion Pride Bully is an XL American Bully dog breeder who produces a reputable XL American Bully bloodline
Description of the bloodline

Lion Pride Bully is a breeding project based in France that specializes in producing American Bully XL and XXL American Bully Pitbulls. The kennel prides itself on using the best bloodlines in the world, such as RBG, Genghis Khon, Iron Cross, Razors Edge, and 5150, to create the most complete American Bully XL dogs with a pitbull type. Lion Pride Bully breeds for not only size but also physical and mental health, drive, power, and a well-rounded appearance. The kennel offers different varieties of colors, including white, blue and white, tricolor, chocolate, champagne, black and white, and fawn.

Physical and temperament characteristics

Lion Pride Bully dogs are known for their impressive physical features, including broad shoulders, a strong back, and an athletic physique. They are powerful, muscular, and have a pitbull-type appearance. Besides their physical attributes, Lion Pride Bully dogs also have a great temperament. They are loyal, faithful, and protective of their families, making them the ultimate best home pet and defensive dog.

Popularity and demand for this bloodline

Lion Pride Bully’s popularity has been growing over the years, and they are now in high demand worldwide. The kennel has received numerous awards and accolades for their outstanding dogs, including Best XL Male 3 years old+, Best XL Male, Reserve Best XL, and Best XL in Show, among others. They are also known for their exceptional customer service, with satisfied customers providing positive testimonials about the kennel’s professionalism and the quality of their dogs.

F. Extraordinary American Bully XL Bloodline based in Australia

MVP Australia
MVP Australia is an XL American Bully dog breeder who produces a reputable XL American Bully bloodline
Description of the bloodline

MVP Australia is a professional American Bully breeder located in Sydney, founded by Craig, who is passionate about breeding the biggest, most beautiful XL Bullies in Australia. The kennel focuses on importing the best-of-the-best bloodlines, and breeding XL dogs with an emphasis on quality, size, and health. MVP Bullies Australia is dedicated to producing only the absolute best and takes pride in their reputation for excellence.

Physical and temperament characteristics

MVP Bullies Australia is known for producing big, beautiful, and healthy American Bully XLs with larger-than-life stature. These dogs have a loving, intelligent, and friendly temperament, making them great for any family setting or social situation. The kennel provides a great living environment for their dogs, with large air-conditioned indoor areas and lush green outdoor areas. The MVP dogs are family raised and loved, and are exercised daily at the beach, ensuring they receive plenty of play, socialization, and rest time.

Popularity and demand for this bloodline

MVP Bullies Australia has a strong reputation in the American Bully community and is known for delivering awesome dogs with a guarantee of quality. MVP customers become part of the MVP family and have access to support and advice from Craig and his team. The kennel ships puppies Australia-wide and has a loyal following of satisfied customers who appreciate their professionalism and passion for the breed. The MVP dogs are well-known for their impressive size and appearance, making them stand out from the rest and gaining a lot of positive attention.

G. Factors to consider when choosing an XL Bully bloodline

Purpose of ownership

Consider the purpose of owning an XL Bully. Do you want a show dog, a family pet, or a guard dog? Different bloodlines may excel in different areas, so choose one that aligns with your needs and preferences.

Availability and accessibility of breeders

Research and find reputable breeders that specialize in XL Bully bloodlines. Consider their location and availability, as well as their reputation and experience.

Budget and cost of ownership

Owning an XL Bully can come with a hefty price tag, so it’s essential to consider your budget and the cost of ownership. Expenses include food, veterinary care, and other expenses related to their upkeep.

H. Conclusion

In conclusion, the American Bully XL is a fascinating breed that offers a wide range of bloodlines to choose from. From the classic lines of Monster Bully to the impressive breeding of MVP Australia, the top XL American Bully bloodlines in 2023 offer something for everyone.

When choosing the right XL Bully bloodline for you, it’s essential to consider your purpose of ownership, availability and accessibility of breeders, and budget and cost of ownership. It’s also crucial to research and consult with reputable breeders who specialize in XL Bully bloodlines.

We hope that this guide has provided you with valuable information to make an informed decision when choosing an XL Bully bloodline. Don’t hesitate to reach out to reputable breeders to learn more about their bloodlines and to ensure that you’re getting a healthy and well-bred XL Bully.

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