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Debunking the Myth: Are American Bullies Dangerous?

American Bully is a dog with great strength and confidence. This breed has a rectangular body with wide shoulders, thick bulky head, a muscular neck, and cropped ears.

Image: Bossy kennels

What many see at first sight

Most people are afraid to visit their friend who keeps American Bully as a pet. They are scared of the bulky look and confidence of this breed. American Bully that undergoes the social and obedient training is welcoming. This breed is affectionate and tends to welcome strangers by wagging their tail and bringing their favorite toys to them. Everyone likes their presence to be felt, so do American Bullies. Your bully will make sure your visitor spends some time with him by throwing him toys and patting his back.

Why a lot of people ask this question

If you have ever been alone with this breed in a room, there were probably many questions running through your mind. Can I play some more with you? Is American Bully dangerous? Does he still remember me? What if he bites me? You nervously look towards the room where your friend is talking on the phone while hoping your friend’s dog still likes you.

Now, if this is your case, it means you are well aware that the place you are in is the dog’s territory.  Dogs like to protect what is theirs. Let it be a Chiwawa, a Retriever, or an American Bully. You can’t prepare in advance for every situation in which you meet a dog. Every dog has their bad behaviors. So if you have a bad experience or you heard a bad story about a dog, then you will be cautious with every dog and believe they are all the same.

Don’t judge American Bully by its cover

Image: Moonshine Bullies Hungary

American Bullies are very affectionate, outgoing, and patient dogs. A common misconception about the American Bully breed is that its parent breed (American Pit Bull Terrier) is more aggressive and is sometimes referred to as dangerous dogs. So most people conclude that this breed is dangerous, which is not true.

Any dog breed can show aggression or act unpredictably if not trained. Some dog breeders are greedy, and their sole purpose is to make a profit. Others are in love with each of their dogs, and they consider a lot of factors before breeding. It is advisable to pay attention to each dog personally.

The bottom line

American Bully is a companion breed. These dogs need our attention, our love, our time. And these are the things you need to consider before adopting this breed:

  • You need to sacrifice some of your time and be patient with this breed.
  • You need to agree with your family members before purchasing this breed. Everyone has to take part in raising the new family member. In some way, raising a dog can be compared to having a child. It comes with responsibilities, and these responsibilities are not always pleasant.
  • It is important to teach your pup the rules. This is a key area in raising a friendly and trustable dog. For a breed that has to cope with some labeling because of its look, this dog must be raised under good hands.

Social training can make your American Bully friendly towards other dogs, people, and smaller animals. Hopefully, this should help you clear up some misinformation about the American Bully Breed. In case of other questions, feel free to contact us through e-mail or leave a comment below.

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