The Gentle Side: Understanding the American Bully Temperament

If you already own a dog, perhaps you can confirm it is said that it is essential to understand your dog’s temperament and personality. You may have several funny stories that point to the fact that your dog has some specific traits or a funny habit that you haven’t seen…

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Debunking the Myth: Are American Bullies Dangerous?

American Bully is a dog with great strength and confidence. This breed has a rectangular body with wide shoulders, thick bulky head, a muscular neck, and cropped ears. Image: Bossy kennels What many see at first sight Most people are afraid to visit their friend who keeps American Bully as…

muscular american bully

How Friendly are American Bullies with Other Animals?

In a previous article, we discussed that the American Bully is a companion breed and is a perfect family pet. (The American Bully Temperament article may provide more information.) It is not typical for this breed to show aggression toward humans. However, according to United Kennel Club breed standards, in…

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